Growing Great Fruit
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Fruit Packing

The Soft and Stone Fruit Pack house

All the Soft and Stone fruit grown on site is packed at the main Norham Farm site in our state of the art pack house.

The pack house contains 4 high capacity heat seal machines each of which is fed from average weigh packing lines all of which are equipped with automated labelling machines and print online capability.

The pack house also houses a blueberry grading machine which allows us to pack blueberries from bulk from around the world – significantly improving the carbon footprint and cost associated with importing these fruits.

The pack house has large refrigerated storage areas for the storage of fruit before and after packing as well as hydro-cool tunnels which help to remove the heat from the fruit as it comes in from the fields during the summer – thus ensuring our produce gets to the consumer in the best possible quality.

As well as packing fruit grown by Gaskains Ltd we also pack for a number of local growers during the summer.

During the winter months we pack imported soft fruit on behalf of Total Worldfresh which is then despatched principally (but not exclusively) to M&S, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The Apple Packhouse (Prime Produce)

All of our apples are packed at pack house (Prime Produce) which is located in Marden.

Prime Produce is owned 50/50 between Gaskains ltd and Great Cheveney Farm Ltd and packs the apples grown by both farms as well as fruit grown by other farms locally.

Prime Produce also provides import apple packing services to Empire World Trade Ltd throughout the year.

Prime Produce also runs a second pack house packing imported Grapes on behalf of Richard Hochfeld Ltd which is located at the Richard Hochfeld site in Kent (Orchard Place).