Growing Great Fruit
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Top Fruit


Gaskains Ltd has been growing top fruit since the 1940’s and has a long history of growing high quality apples and pears.

The company grows and harvests about 890 acres of apples and pears, and is one of the largest top fruit growers in the country.

The main varieties of apples grown on the farm are:

Gala, Braeburn, Cox, Jazz, Bramley and Egremont Russet.

The majority of the apple orchards have been replanted in the last 5 years on a standardised single row, intensive planting system which promotes easier picking and husbandry and this process is continuing with an average of 35000 trees planted every year.

Our Apples are stored on site and then sent to our partner packhouse Prime Produce for packing and despatching to the major retailers.

Apples are harvested between late August and mid October.


Within the 150 acres of pear orchards nearly all are Conference pears although there is a small area of Concorde pears. These are harvested in September and then supplied to the major retailers.

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