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Our picking season runs from May until November and during that time we employ around 650 people. Our  aim is to make sure that everyone is looked after for their period of stay so they can work hard and earn good money.

We are firmly focused on growing a strong team that helps deliver a high standard of training and support to enable everyone to develop throughout the season. This involves a full work induction and basic training when you start  working at Gaskains.

Picking fruit is very hard work – involves bending and lifting often while carrying out repetitive tasks. During the first couple of weeks you will ache everywhere but afterwards it will get easier. You must be physically able to perform all of these physical tasks.

Team working plays a central role in the work  you will perform at Gaskains. You will usually be required to work in teams of four. You will have the opportunity to change your team when it is requested.

Most of the work during the main season involves harvesting (picking) and husbandry (crop maintenance).

The holiday pay will be accrued and is paid if you take a holiday or at the end of the season.

You will usually work five-six days per week, crop, weather and customer demand permitting.

Payslips are given out on a weekly basis and money is paid directly into your bank account.

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